Best Dandelion Tea Brand on the Market

Dandelion health benefits and best tea brands

Dandelion tea, made from the dandelion plant’s roots, is well known due to its multiple health benefits and some of the best dandelion tea brands. Of course, the best dandelion tea brand is delicious and health-boosting.

People make the perfect dandelion tea from the roots or leaves of the dandelion plant. Usually, roots have a richer flavor because they are roasted to a specific temperature for getting the perfect aroma of this tea. Other than its delicious taste, it has many health benefits.

Best dandelion tea brand

Today, we will have a detailed discussion on the health benefits of this tea and the renowned dandelion tea brands. For the ease of reading, we have divided the article into two halves, which are:

  • Health benefits of dandelion tea
  • Best dandelion tea brands

Health benefits of dandelion tea

Dandelion tea is very famous for treating different health issues. It’s been used in folk medicine for many years. Following are the health benefits associated with dandelion tea:

  1. Promotes liver health: The liver is responsible for a healthy bile function in our bodies. In addition to this, it stores glycogens, vitamins, and minerals in our body. There could be multiple reasons for liver dysfunction. However, dandelion tea is considered the best remedy to cleanse the liver. Also, it was in use by many people in history who made folk medicines. In the old times, when a person is detected with any liver disease, dandelion tea roots are considered the best medicine. It detoxifies the liver and promotes healthy liver functioning.


  2. Treat high blood pressure: High blood pressure is typically the main reason behind many other chronic diseases like a heart attack or brain hemorrhage. Dandelion tea is one of the best remedies to cure high blood pressure. Many folk medicines that were used for treating high blood pressure have dandelion roots. However, as per the new world, scientists have not enough knowledge about the exact quantity that one should intake at a time to get rid of this issue. Further research is going on, but people worldwide are using it regularly and occasionally to get rid of high blood pressure issues.


  3. Promotes healthy skin: Dandelion tea is famous for getting rid of many skin issues like acne, eczema, rashes, and others. In old times, women use dandelion roots to make a paste with water, apply it to the face to get rid of all skin issues and promote healthy skin. However, other than its numerous benefits for the skin, some people are allergic to it. It’s better to do a patch test on any other part of the body before applying it to the face to have an idea if it reacts to you or not.


  4. Control of diabetes: In addition to many other benefits related to health, this magical dandelion plant has anti-diabetic properties as well. It has a soluble fiber “inulin,” responsible for the growth of healthy bacteria in the gastrointestinal tract. It has a significant impact on the sugar level of the human body because healthy bacteria slow down the sugar flow from the intestines to the blood, which in return will lower the blood sugar level. A study from 2016 has confirmed that it can stimulate cells in the pancreas to produce insulin.


  5. Anti-cancer properties: Dandelion tea roots are responsible for killing cancerous cells in the human body. Due to these properties, it is known as an anti-cancer agent. The studies have proved that when a person takes dandelion tea regularly, anti-cancerous cells form in his body. As time passes, these cells will kill all cancer, causing cells in the body, and replace them with healthy cells. However, forgetting the perfect results, one must use the dandelion roots that have this property by taking an expert’s help.
  6. Fights inflammation: Inflammation, whether inside our body or on the outside of any body part, is the root cause of many diseases. Dandelion tea has the properties to fight against inflammation. One can consume it to treat the internal body inflammation or apply its mask on the external body part to get rid of inflammation.


  7. Reduces water weight: During periods, many women face the issue of bloating. In reality, bloating is a major cause of water weight. Consuming dandelion tea at that time will give instant relief from bloating, and it’s useful for menstrual cramps as well. It can increase urine output, which will provide relief from bloating.

Best organic dandelion tea brands

There are many brands famous for selling the best dandelion roots that are organic and effective. Following is a list of brands:

dandelion tea made from dandelion flowers
  1. STARWEST botanicals:

    Starwest is the top best dandelion tea brand. It has a wide range of Dandelion root products for the customers to buy the one that is suitable for them or that they require. The vide range includes organic cut and sifted dandelion root, organic dandelion root powder, and organic roasted dandelion root. Each of them has the perfect taste, and the brand ensures that the dandelion roots have locked-in health benefits. ==> GET Starwes botanical ORGANIC DANDELION tea HERE


  2. Art of tea:

    Art of tea is another famous brand for selling a wide range of drinks across the globe. The best part of this brand is, it has organic products and 100% customer satisfaction. Therefore, one can always choose this brand for buying dandelion tea roots without worrying about its expiration date or non-organic nature. They deliver the most exceptional quality in the best packing to the customers. 

  3. Tealyra:

    Dandelion tea is famous for its quality of detoxification. It has numerous health benefits, but the common one is the cleansing of the body. Tealyra brand is proudly announcing that they have the best dandelion tea roots that 100% work on body detoxification. They assure the customers that this dandelion tea will naturally pass the toxins from their liver and other body parts, and increase the bile flow with locked-in antioxidants. ==> GET Tealyra DETOX DANDELION blend HERE

  4. Buddha Teas:

    Buddha teas brand is famous for its rich earthy dandelion tea roots. The company claims that they have experts who have a deep understanding of different types of dandelion tea roots, and we only provide the best ones to our customers. They have a massive list of satisfied customers and a definite success rate due to their utmost quality of dandelion tea roots. ==> GET Buddha Teas DANDELION LEAF tea HERE


  5. Traditional medicinal:

    If you are in search of perfectly roasted dandelion roots, then traditional medicinal is so far the best brand till now. The best part about the brand is, it is organic certified and non-GMO product verified, which has rapidly increased the number of customers, and that keeps on growing. In addition to the quality, their dandelion tea has the best-roasted taste. In addition to this, the brand is consistent with the quality and taste. ==> GET Traditional medicinal ROASTED DANDELION ROOT tea HERE

  6. Dandy blend:

    Dandy blend brand has claimed that its dandelion tea roots have the quality to reduce inflammation in your body. However, pure dandelion tea has anti-inflammatory quality. After reading the majority of customer reviews, this brand’s tea is among the best ones to cope with the issue of inflammation. ==> GET Dandy blend DANDELION HERBAL beverage HERE

  7. Yogi tea:

    Yogi tea is another brand famous for its perfectly roasted dandelion tea roots. These roots are responsible for body detoxification, and so far the best among all other types of roots. It is helpful for the natural cleansing of your body without any side-effect.


  8. KIss me organics:

    This brand is famous for selling the best quality dandelion tea bags. Unlike the other brands, they are famous for selling raw dandelion root tea bags. Normally brands sell dandelion tea roots in the roasted form but kiss me organics sell the pure raw form, which is incredible in taste. In addition to this, the raw form has a maximum quantity of vitamins and minerals. They have two sizes of packages; one has 20 tea bags, and the other one has 100 tea bags.

  9. Frontier:

    Frontier brand is not only famous for selling high-quality dandelion tea roots but at the same time, it sells many other types of herbal teas too. This brand is also famous for selling raw dandelion roots that have the perfect size to make instant tea. It means the brand has made the tea packages by cutting the raw dandelion roots into the finest shape and size for the ease of their customers. The roots that they sell are of high quality as per customer reviews.


  10. Feel good organics:

    Although “feel good organics” is a new brand that has started selling dandelion tea roots but it has quickly made its space in the market by selling the highest and finest quality dandelion tea roots. They sell raw roots, which are certified organic. In addition to this, the brand is determined for a full refund to your money if you will not be satisfied with their product.

Final thoughts

The topic concludes that dandelion tea is one of the best options to get multiple health benefits without investing much. Also, the best dandelion tea brands are very easy to access, and they sell the finest quality.

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