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Let’s face it, it’s still winter and it’s cold outside. Netflix just released an awesome show and I gotta watch it. I just worked all day and my feet are sore. Today is Saturday and I just want to sleep in. I have so many chores to do, and no time to spare. I don’t wanna.

Sound familiar? Let’s be honest, we all face these thoughts or thoughts like them at some time or another. We all go through times of a lack of motivation and feeling like we just don’t wanna. When we are feeling these periods of lowness, feeling like we are in a rut, how do we get out of it? How do we pull ourselves up, get out of bed, get up off the couch, and get our bodies moving to become more healthy? Well, let’s start with the basics. Why did we want to exercise in the first place?

14 Reasons To Exercise.

  • Exercise, in and of itself, can boost your energy. Take your zero feeling to 100%. The best way to get energy? Be energy.
  • Exercise builds up a positive attitude for yourself and for the world around you. Movement helps us look at ourselves and our surroundings with a refreshed viewpoint.
  • Exercise can reduce tiredness and fatigue. Regular, appropriate movement can actually create a habit and your body responds by craving more.
  • Exercise actually improves your sleep. It is a well known fact that many doctors and personal trainers tout like mantras.
  • Daily, balanced exercise reduces blood pressure. The American Heart Association recommends at least 30 minutes a day, five times a week. Here’s a free, downloadable PDF from them:


  • Exercise can help you lose weight. Yep, It’s true! If you exercise regularly, it will help you lose the pounds!
  • Exercise will inevitably boost your mood. Want to feel better? I bet I can think of a way….
  • Exercise alleviates anxiety and stress. Also a proven fact. I’m seeing a trend here…. Almost a pattern…
  • Exercise helps to prevent back pain. Appropriate movement and exercise will indeed let our body’s physiological makeup improve itself.
  • Exercise improves your posture. The more you do it, the healthier your body’s natural stance is.
  • Exercise improves muscle strength. Period.
  • Exercise can boost your confidence. If your general mood is good because you are moving and creating energy, then the natural outcome will be that you will feel more confidant and more self-assured in your day-to-day life.
  • Exercise can also improve your memory and strengthen your mental health. Daily, or even exercising every other day, is linked to improved brain functions.
  • Exercise can strengthen your bones. A healthy, moderate to vigorous exercise routine can strengthen the very skeletal structure of your body.

Okay. Now I remember! For those 14 reasons and a dozen others,.. but now what? I feel like getting off the couch… but to really get going? To really feel motivation and inspiration? Are there ways we can, essentially “trick” ourselves into actually getting up and doing it?

14 Life Hacks To Get Motivated To Exercise.

  • Put on your workout cloths. If you are already in your outfit, it is a lot harder to back out of doing the deed!
  • Tell yourself to not quit. Don’t Do It! It’s A Trap!
  • Find a workout buddy. Even just a friend to take a daily walk with. Someone to talk to before, during, and after the workout. Someone to hold accountable to their goals and someone to hold you accountable to yours.
  • Think, for exactly 7½ minutes about the things your cannot do or are missing out on because of your health.
  • Change it up. Spice up your routine! If you usually walk down the road and back again, walk in the other direction. If you bike, go swim. If you hike, go for a jog.
  • Tell everyone on Facebook that know you are trying to improve your life that you aren’t motivated today – watch the comments pour in, then, get busy!
  • Listen to some music with a really good beat. Something that make your feet start moving of their own accord.
  • Watch that workout video that you’ve been using, and tell yourself that you’ll just do the first part, but do it all anyways. Just because.
  • Do extra stretches before you start. It will help you in the long run anyways, and it will get your body in the mood to work out.
  • Call your mom and ask her if she will tell you to go exercise. Cheesy, but if it’s possible to do it, it works!
  • Clean your toilets. Yeah, gross… wouldn’t you rather be working out?
  • Call your best friend and as him/her to help motivate you.
  • Work out anyways. Once you’ve started, you might as well finish.

Take a few deep, thoughtful breaths….

that’s it,…

in and out,….

in and out,….

Now, why were you doing this again?

Oh yeah… I remember…


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